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Old and new tales
April 25, 2005
There was a peasant in our village. He was a strange man.... (Chinese tale)
March 28, 2005
One apothecary had an apprentice. The master was always discontented with him and scolded him for stupidity... (Chinese tale)
March 7, 2005
There was a rich man in a village. His house stood near a highway and there was a large mulberry growing in front of the gate... (Chinese tale)
February 21, 2005
One day, a rich farmer sent his farm-hand to the mountains for sticks. He awoke him early in the morning and said... (Chinese tale)
January 31, 2005
In the Japanese town of Wakayama, there is a monument to Mayor Hamaguchi...
January 3, 2005
The parameters of a technical system may be coordinated with different outward conditions in different ways...
December 13, 2004
Perhaps farmers are the most closed-minded people in the world...
November 29, 2004
Europeans and Americans traveling South East Asia treat local cuisine with respect but carefully...
November 3, 2004
In solving an inventive problem, it is very important to understand the casual relation of phenomena taking place in a system...
February 6, 2004
Once a country teacher took out a sack of gifts and... (Chinese folktale)
January 30, 2004
Once a country teacher decided to test the mother wit of country children... (Chinese folktale)
January 23, 2004
Once Uncle Denba was walking home from the field and singing a song... (Mongolian folktale)
January 16, 2004
There was once a rich peasant. He was very greedy and cunning and always took advantage over his farm-hands... (Belarusian folktale)
December 26, 2003
They say once Stalin invited four known Soviet cinema producers and said...
September 26, 2003
Hodja Nasreddin who lived in the Shah's palace under the name of Hussein Guslia decided...
September 19, 2003
One day Nasreddin Hodja was walking about the market when suddenly he saw...
September 12, 2003
One day Nasreddin Hodja was promenading in the streets when he saw a dense crowd...
September 5, 2003
One day Emir called Nasreddin Hodja and asked him...
August 22, 2003
Suvorov's army became famous for its legendary crossing of the Alps...
August 15, 2003
First internal combustion engines were bulky and had heavy parts...
August 8, 2003
This is what happened one day in the town where Dakho lived... (Iranian folktales)
August 1, 2003
Once Nasreddin Hodja heard that the rich moneylender Jafar had fallen sick and promised big money for a cure...
July 25, 2003
In the days of Peter the First, soldiers were mainly recruited from peasants' children...
July 11, 2003
People were going to war and called Dakho... (Iranian folktales)
June 27, 2003
Dakho was known as an adept at explaining and interpreting any phenomena, both useful and harmful ones... (Iranian folktales)
June 20, 2003
Once a quick-witted man lived in Tunisia. His name was Zhkha... (Tunisian tales)
June 13, 2003
The Chinese Ambassador was a skilful draftsman. Once he started boasting to Highly Educated Kujing... (Vietnamese tale)
June 6, 2003
One old admiral was introduced to Katherine the Second after a victorious sea battle...
May 30, 2003
Once Peter the First put on a soldier's uniform and went to a tavern. There he saw a sad soldier sitting at a table...
May 23, 2003
Dakho, the famous character of Iranian tales, was an inventive man. Here are some of his inventions... (Iranian folktales)
May 16, 2003
One day Dakho was coming along the street when suddenly he met the angry khakim... (Iranian folktales)
May 9, 2003
Dakho showed discrimination in mechanisms and could detect a fault at once... (Iranian folktales)
May 2, 2003
Once some friends met and began to propose riddles to each other... (Iranian folktales)
April 25, 2003
Once Dakho went to Teheran and decided to buy a famous Teheran jug... (Iranian folktales)
April 4, 2003
Once Tenali Raman fell sick. His wife was worried and asked a peacocky rich doctor to cure her husband of the disease... (Indian folktales)
March 28, 2003
Little Petre attended the school of a hadji-teacher... (Macedonian folktales)
March 21, 2003
A young Englishwoman was about to go somewhere in a car: the child was in place, the cosmetics bag was in her handbag, and the car was waiting in the yard...
March 14, 2003
Emperor and his advisors were enjoying the amazing handiness of a visiting magician... (Indian folktale)
March 7, 2003
In the palace garden of Emperor Krishna Deva Raya, trees, brought from the endmost lands of the earth, were laden with fruit... (Indian folktale)
February 28, 2003
One evening, a merchant was walking the main street of the city in front of the ruler's palace... (Indian folktale)
February 21, 2003
A peasant named Ero grazed cows of a rich judge. His own cow also was in the judge's herd of cattle... (Herzegovinian folktales)
February 14, 2003
Tenali Raman had a big garden. In a rainless summer, the trees in his garden needed abundant watering... (Indian folktale)
February 3, 2003
Tenali Raman was the favorite fool of the Emperor and often presumed to make fun of proud nobles... (Indian folktale)
January 24, 2003
This happened in Macedonia. One peasant had a missive letter written in Turkish... (Macedonian tale)
December 30, 2002
There were two monks in a monastery one of them was young and the other was old. The old monk was avaricious... (Korean tale)
December 18, 2002
There was once an old man. He hired two bearers to carry him on a palanquin wherever he would like... (Korean tale)
December 11, 2002
This happened in ancient times. The Chinese Emperor sent a messenger to the King of Korea ... (Korean fairy tale)
November 25, 2002
Many years ago a three-eyed giant monk lived on the mountain pass called Tatto... (Japanese tale)
November 18, 2002
One day a merchant loaded his donkey with sacks of salt and went to the market... (Korean fairy tale)
September 13, 2002
In ancient times, there was a pass over one mountain. Its name was Three-Years... (Korean fairy tale)
September 11, 2002
A great Russian fairy tale hero Dobrynya went to bathe in the Puchai-river... (from a Russian fairy tale)
September 10, 2002
The main purpose of the first space flights was to prove their possibility in principle. Each flight was a great event. But as space flights became more and more trivial ...
September 9, 2002
One man took a concubine, but his wife was jealous, so she made a row time and again... (Korean fairy-tale)
September 8, 2002
In the middle of the 19th century, one Russian industrialist bought a steam-engine...
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