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“Clever” paint for military machines

August 6, 2003
Proper painting is of great importance for military machines.

Proper painting is of great importance for military machines, therefore so much attention is given to the improvement of camouflage painting. There are different types of camouflage painting for desert, for forest, for summer and for winter.
A contradiction occurs: when a tank with a special camouflage painting for forest comes out of the forest it becomes well seen in the open plain. The traditional way of smoothing this contradiction is compromise. Machines are coated with multicolor camouflage spots that are more or less suitable for various types of landscape. It is clear that the contradiction is solved partially.

Photo: V. Tsesler and S. Voichenko

Natural objects, for instance, a chameleon or an octopus, are quite another thing. They can adapt the color of their skin to suit any surrounding and do this in the quaintest way.
A group of scientists from the Technological Institute of New Jersey is engaged in the development of a unique “clever” paint for war machines. It is designed for coating tanks, transport machines and helicopters. A tank coated with such paint will change color depending on the country color.
The material has uncommon properties because it includes so-called nonomechanisms molecular structures capable of changing depending on the properties of the environment and other external conditions.

Source: www.compulenta.ru.


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