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Aircraft in plasma cloud

August 4, 2003
Providing secret air operations is an important problem.

Providing secret air operations is an important problem. Everyone remembers very well the American programs that allowed development of the fighter aircraft F-117 and bomber B-2. To provide invisibility of these aircraft, geometrical and substance resources were used. This means that the form of the aircraft was selected so as to make them least visible on the radio locator screens and their surface was coated with a special non-reflecting material (substance resource).
According to the trends of engineering systems evolution, the next step is the use of molecular-plasma structures and fields. In Russia, the method for reducing the aircraft visibility is underway. This method implies the hiding of an aircraft in a plasma cloud. A generator powered by isolated power sources ionizes the air around the aircraft (presumably the front edges of airfoil surfaces). The ionized air in the boundary layer flows around the airplane thereby hiding it in a plasma cloud invisible to the enemy's radars.
To realize this physical effect, the Research Center M.V.Keldysh is developing a 100 kg plasma generator that can be installed on a tactic fighter. The prototype has been tested on models and on board a real fighter aircraft. It is expected that Su-32/34 will become the first aircraft equipped with such a system.

Source: materials of Air Forces monthly.


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