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Drill: without noise and dust

July 28, 2003
The principle of operation of a microwave drill is similar to that of a microwave oven.

Everyone, who drilled hard materials at least once, knows what a hard job it is. Israeli researchers from the University of Tel Aviv created a device that uses high-frequency radiation for crushing stone, concrete and other hard materials.

 According to the researchers, their device is likely to replace mechanical drills in future. Its advantage is the absence of rotating parts, which means noiseless operation and absence of dust. However, some serious faults have not been eliminated so far. The main fault is the high level of radiation that is harmful to a human organism.
The principle of operation of a microwave drill is similar to that of a microwave oven.
High-frequency waves are focused on a section to be machined causing the material to heat to a high temperature and soften. Then the device practically presses out the destroyed piece of the material thereby producing a hole. The machined material's melting point must not be higher than 1700 degrees Centigrade.
The developers have already tested their device on ceramics, basalt, glass and plastic and have made holes with the diameter of several millimeters in the samples. 

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