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In nostalgic frame

July 7, 2003
Any picture needs an appropriate frame.

Digital electronic photography is becoming more and more popular. It is easy to view such a photo on a computer screen, process it in a graphic editor and send to friends by email. There are no problems with making a high-quality paper photo, either.
There is one small disadvantage, though. Any picture needs an appropriate frame, which holds true for photos, too. The computer interface is not the best frame for them.

The company PacificDigital Corporation announced the development of the world first “electronic frame” for viewing digital photos. The device named MemoryFrame is an enframed liquid crystal display with a built-in memory and control system. The frame is an ordinary wooden one used for photos. At the first glance, the image is difficult to distinguish from an enframed paper photo.
MemoryFrame allows viewing photos one by one or organizing presentations: you may preset time for displaying each photo, adjust brightness and contrast. MemoryFrame allows storing fifty or more photos depending on their quality.


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