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Moving house in Korea

June 23, 2003
Attentive Koreans cannot put neighbors to inconvenience by occupying the elevator for lifting the furniture for too long.

Modern Republic of Korea is a dynamic, actively developing country. Its citizens are also dynamic and enterprising. They often move house, change jobs, and improve their housing.

As a result, practically every day some resident of a big dwelling house relocates. Of course, there are special house moving services. To remove all the things from an apartment, it is necessary to occupy elevators for several hours. Attentive Koreans do not cause inconvenience to neighbors. Instead of making the residents of the house get to their apartments on foot, the house moving services use a kind of a temporary external elevator.

Two special vehicles arrive a van and a special automobile with a platform that slides on a telescopic boom. The boom is extended to a necessary height and the platform moves up and down carrying the belongings to the necessary direction. They load the platform through wide balcony windows. The platform stops on the level with the van bottom and they just move the load inside the van. The entire process takes about forty minutes (depending on the hirer's circumstances and the loader's skill).

The hurrying principle, is employed here. It states that a direct road is often better than a side road.


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