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Vigilant pavement

May 19, 2003
A new kind of pavement is being tested in the capital of the Netherlands.

Car drivers always lack parking space. And other people are annoyed by cars parked right and left. For instance, one car driver managed to park his car right near a fire hydrant. Fire fighters who came at night to extinguish a fire broke the car windows without turning a hair, passed a fire hose through them and put the blaze out.
Improperly parked cars are removed by tow-trucks, special immobilizers are put on their wheels, tickets are given to their drivers and hard-to-remove glue is used to stick to windscreens appeals to drivers not to violate the parking regulations any more. But the punitive actions are obviously too slow. Indeed, a tow-truck is circulating round the city and randomly seizes illegally parked vehicles.

A new kind of pavement is being tested in the capital of the Netherlands. Its kerb is provided with electron sensors that register illegally parked vehicles and communicate information to the traffic control division. Having received a signal, police immediately arrive at the site, put immobilizers on the car wheels and give a parking ticket to the driver. If pavement-informant passes the examination in Amsterdam, the novelty is expected to be used in other Holland cities.

Information source: Ytro.ru. 


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