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Just a clever drug

April 30, 2003
Drug acts not on the entire organism but on a sick organ only.

Drugs work much more efficiently if they are not dispersed throughout a body but are applied locally. Technical devices used for this purpose are very complicated and require expensive high-technology equipment. But their use is justified because they reduce the toxic operation of drugs on the entire body, allow high-concentration pharmaceuticals to be used and ensure a more prolonged operation of drugs.

The scientists of the Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy (Russia) have developed a very simple, but extraordinarily efficient method of delivering a drug to a required place of the organism. The essence of this technology consists in the use of magnetic field.
The drug is a suspension of ferromagnetic microparticles in the drug solution (a kind of magnetic liquid). After injecting the magnetic liquid into a body, its motion within the body is controlled by using electromagnets located outside the body. The process may be controlled with the aid of radioscopy.
In this case, the drug is not only delivered to the target organ, but its necessary concentration in the needed place is also ensured until it is fully assimilated. 

Source: www.pgfa.ru.

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