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Smoke in your own company

April 23, 2003
Smoking method that is not harmful to people around us.

Nonsmoking people are advocates of pure air. Smokers stand upon their right to derive pleasure from smoking and are even ready to risk their lives. The latter think it is not a sin to fume nonsmokers. But the harm caused by passive smoking is comparable to the harm smokers do to themselves.

Tobacco manufacturing companies are looking for compromise and, to do them justice, they sometimes find it. For instance, the American company “Philip Morris” has developed a system of “smokeless smoking”. Tobacco is placed in a device provided with a special heater that brings the tobacco to a temperature at which a hoped-for smoke is formed (this device only produces 14% of the smoke liberated by an ordinary cigarette). By nursing the holder of this device, a smoker enjoys the odor and taste of a cigarette all by himself because the smoke does not puff out and is all secured to the smoker himself. Moreover, a cigarette thus smoked does not produce ash and does not leave any odor that normally penetrates the clothes and hair of a smoker.
The new smoking method has already been tested on volunteers from Richmond, Virginia, where the headquarters of Philip Morris are situated, and is offered for sale at tobacco stalls of the Japanese city of Osaka.
Thus, the harm the smoker caused to the people around him was turned to his advantage (though very doubtful).

Information source: the magazine “Vokrug Sveta”
Photo from: the magazine “Vokrug Sveta”


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