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Training sticks

April 14, 2003
Have you already learnt to use sticks for eating?

To learn to eat with sticks is not an easy task for Europeans or Americans. Nevertheless, almost everyone will eventually do this. But in most cases this skill is not vital for them. Children living in countries where sticks are traditionally used for eating are another case. They need this skill from an early age. But it is much more difficult for a child than for an adult to learn to use sticks. His wrists are not strong enough to hold sticks properly, and motility is not quite developed to control them while eating.
What is to be done? To eat with a spoon until the hands are strong enough to use sticks? No, this simple path is not for inventors.
The Korean inventor Byeong Un Park invented special training sticks for children. The sticks are hinged together at the base and each of them has special rings for fingers. They are much easier to use because they do not drop from the child's weak hands. At the same time the child gets used to holding and manipulating the sticks.

Source: www.inpkorea.com.


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