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Humane weapon

April 9, 2003
Neutralizing without killing and without doing harm whatsoever.

There exists a problem of creating a humane, non-deadly weapon. There is a need for such weapon when it is necessary to stop or neutralize a man without injuring or killing him.
There is a contradiction: it is necessary to prevent a man from doing harm and at the same time it is not allowed to do harm to him. The contradiction becomes even more acute, because it is desirable to act on such a man from a distance.
The existing kinds of weapon are far from being always really safe. Aerosol (tear or sleeping gas) may cause too strong response of an organism. A rubber bullet can cause heavy injuries when hitting a head or an eye. Electric shock may cause a heart attack. And so on and so forth.

To solve this problem, it is enough just to fix the man mechanically. They shoot at him with an ordinary police gun. But the gun is loaded with a pressed net instead of a bullet. After the shot, the net deploys and “catches” the criminal. Not too convenient for the victim, but obviously safe for health!
To enhance the effect, the net is coated with a special substance that heats while shooting and becomes sticky.

Information source: the magazine “Technics for young people”.

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