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Alarm duck

March 31, 2003
You feel sleepy but you should not on any account sleep. What is to be done?

Imagine that you are a student and you are having an examination tomorrow. Or you are driving at a high speed along a highway at night. You feel sleepy but you should not on any account sleep. What is to be done? There exist special devices for control over the state of pilots, engine drivers or representatives of other jobs that carry a big responsibility. The work of such devices may be based on the measurement of some physiologic indices or on the feedback principle. In any case, these devices are complex and expensive.

Photo: www.gazeta.ru
Is it possible to find a simple but reliable method to prevent sleeping?
Students from Argentina have invented and now are successfully selling a device called Duckmaster. It consists of a rubber duck and several belts for fixing the duck under the chin. As soon as a man starts dosing and his head sags down, the duck compressed by the chin gives a shrill “quack” and awakes its owner.

Source: Gazeta.ru.  

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