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Which body to put on today?

August 26, 2002
We change cars every day to the view of amazed neighbors.

What a variety of car bodies one can see on the roads today! Sedan, minivan, coupe each of these bodies is tailored to special needs. Sedan is suitable for driving in a city, universal is comfortable for the family's driving down, and cabriolet will be wonderful for a romantic ride!

Photo: www.gm.com
What is to do? Buying all of these cars would be too expensive for one pocketbox! To choose a compromise variant? General Motors announced that it had started the development of a basic module named Autonomy on which any body can be mounted with the aid of special fixing devices.
To house all the units of a car on a platform, the company's designers had to develop a number of new technical solutions. The platform drive is extremely simple and efficient: each of the wheels is driven by a built-in electric motor energized by a compact fuel-cell battery. The entire process of control, braking and accelerating is controlled by a computer.
Thus, buying a basic platform and several bodies, one can easily change cars to the amusement of everybody!
Combination of inventive principles that could be used for obtaining the main idea of such autotransformer is very popular: transfer from mono-bi-poly (several different cars are better than one car, even if it is universal) and trimming (why pay much for many engines, steering wheels and brakes, if you can pay only for one set).

Information source: http://www.gm.com


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