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August 31, 2002
Two in one, compact and ergonomic.

Why having a washcloth and soap if one can do with one object? Valery Soloviev patented a washcloth-soap (Russian patent 2171833). What is it like? Stretched elastic rods are pressed in a bar of soap. The rods protrude a little bit from the bar surface and play the role of a washcloth.

Advantages of the washcloth-soap:
1. It is convenient for tourists one thing instead of two.
2. It saves time you need not spend time on soaping.
3. One can wash oneself with one hand, and the other hand is free to hold a showerhead.
4. Such a washcloth-soap does not slip out of one's wet hands, so there are less chances to drop it.

Similar solution: The Turkish bath has a “soap sack” a web sack where they put a bar of soap, wet it and shake for a long time. Then a rubber rubs a client with such a sack.

The inventive principle “Merging” is used here two functions of two objects are performed by one object that is slightly changed for that purpose.

Information source: the magazine “Technics for young people” (Russia), 2/2002


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