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Stadium screen

November 27, 2002
Do you think players are the main people at a stadium? You are wrong! In actual fact fans are!

The fans' passion about the World Cup in Korea and Japan has died down and we, direct witnesses, are sharing our impressions.
Ten new stadiums were built especially for the World Cup in Korea. Do you think those stadiums were packed to capacity during the thirty days of the World Cup? Nothing of the kind! For instance, in Suvon, where we lived, there were only four football matches including one preliminary friendly match. Note that the matches were evenly distributed among the stadiums.
After the first victorious matches of the Korean national team the number of fans was increasing geometrically and the popularity of football passed all bounds. The ploy of Koreans was trooping together and seeing live broadcast of football matches. What is the most suitable place for fans? Stadiums, even if there are no players there!
At the time of a match, wherever it took place, ALL TEN STADIUMS were crowded. The match was broadcast on huge stadium screens. It was not important at all that the football ground was empty is it possible to provide a special match for everyone? But there was a huge screen with the same football, or even better, because there were repetitions and slow motion play of the most exciting situations, selected camera angles and other advantages of TV broadcast as compared with a real match.
Though, we are sure, the consumers of that surrogate were envious of the fortunate possessors of those dearest tickets. 

Because a copy of an objects always has at least a slightest distinction from the original.


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