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About cashmachines

March 5, 2003
“Every man has a fool in his sleeve.”

With the development of computer technology, methods for various abusive financial practices and unlawful deprivation of money become more and more sophisticated. Police are taking measures because they must know much and have capacity for many things. But swindlers are also perfecting their methods and sometimes their actions are unpredictable.
It should seem that in Japan, a traditionally computerized country, the conflict between criminals and police lies in the sphere of high technologies. Nothing of the kind! Lately a real headache for the Japanese police has been robberies of cashmachines. Criminals even do not exert themselves much to find a key or codes or to use other sophisticated methods. At a well-chosen moment, a bulldozer drives up to a cashmachine, grubs it out of the wall, lifts it and throws on the asphalt. It only remains to pick up the money. Everything occurs in no time.
Last year the National Police Agency reported 57 cases of cashmachine robbery with the aid of a bulldozer. The losses made 335 million yens (about 3 million euros).
This will make you recollect one of the main TRIZ principles: “every man has a fool in his sleeve”.

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