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Fishing rod and cinema

March 3, 2003
This feeling is familiar to every fisherman: if I could pierce the water depth with my eyes.

This feeling is familiar to every fisherman: if I could pierce the water depth with my eyes and see where the hoped-for fish is hiding and where it is worth pegging! The dream came true.
Miniaturazation of electronic devices resulted in the invention of a “peeping” fishing rod. A miniature watertight video camera is attached to the end of a fishing line near the bait. The image from it is transmitted to a small screen attached to the rod. It is not bigger in size than a telephone set.
Now everything depends on a fisherman. Looking at the screen, he can bring the bait right to the fish's nose. The fish has no choice but to take the bait.
Increasing the number of the fishing rod components, supplementing the fishing rod with new devices provides it with very interesting additional functional possibilities.

Source: http://www.yahocats.com.


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