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Socks with poppers

January 31, 2003
How to avoid sorting of socks after washing.

Photo: Vadim Zarhin
There must have been many men in Frau Brein's family. Or she would have hardly given thought to such an insignificant problem. We mean sorting socks after washing them in a washing machine. Finding a match for dozens of socks is a boring and fatiguing job.
As a result, patent No 3803794 appeared. Not to disorder socks while washing, it is proposed to join them pairwise with poppers before putting into the washing machine drum. It is obvious that poppers must be initially available on socks, otherwise the process would be too complicated.
Before selling, manufacturers join socks pairwise with an easy-to-remove (unrecoverable) thread or clip. The inventor proposes to replace this disposable joint with a joint that could be repeatedly used with poppers. Poppers could be attached to additional ribbons sewn to the socks.
The principle of beforehand action is used the problem can be avoided by taking measures in advance.

Source: magasine “Inventor and rationalizer”. 

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