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Bi-umbrella with flasher

January 17, 2003
Two inventive solutions for umbrellas presented at the International Exhibition in Seoul.

1. Bi-umbrella

Photo: www.couple-umbrella.com
An umbrella is very convenient for one person to get out of the rain. But it is very inconvenient to share an umbrella. If there is only one umbrella there is little space. If they are two they clash. And the water runs down into the gap between two umbrellas. This contradiction is partially solved by changing the umbrella's shape. There exist oblong umbrellas. They are really more convenient for two people, but for one person this umbrella is too big. What is to be done?
Korean inventors propose a bi-umbrella.
The umbrella shell is such that it can be rapidly connected with another umbrella of the same type. A thus formed double roof provides a reliable protection for two persons walking hand by hand.
We can unite a large number of such umbrellas to form a huge roof. Then the umbrellas can be easily detached from each other to be used separately. 

For details: couple-umbrella.com 

2. Umbrella with flasher
When it rains, it is usually dusky. And when it is getting dark in addition, it is not easy to discern a pedestrian, especially a small child walking under the rain.
That is why they make children's umbrellas from a bright cloth. Sometimes there are also reflecting inserts in children's umbrellas. Is it possible to make an umbrella and its owner more discernible?
A group of Taiwanese inventors proposed to attach a nice transparent toy to the umbrella's tip. For instance a toy bear. When it is getting dark outside and an umbrella is put up, a lamp start flashing inside the bear thereby pointing to its small master. 

Patent of Taiwan 089204969.


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