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January 6, 2003
Mattress with a dual characteristic.

What kind of a bed do you like best stiff and springy or soft and yielding?
For those who do not know for sure, a mattress with a dual characteristic has been created.
Nowadays orthopedic mattresses are the miracle of technological thought. One side of such mattresses is soft while the other one is hard. Such mattresses ideally suit people with spinal problems.
The idea is good. Even those who have no spinal problems are not recommended special bed conditions. In cold weather, you could use the soft side and enjoy sleeping in the waves of your cosy and warm bed. And in a hot summer, you could turn the mattress over and minimize the body's contact with the bed surface. Indeed, why buy a second mattress and change one for another depending on a season?
Bi-system one mattress with different characteristics on different sides instead of two mattresses each having its own peculiar properties.

Information and photo source: the magazine “Taburet”.


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