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Christmas tree

December 23, 2002
Preparation for the holiday does not do without solving invention problems.

Preparation for the holiday does not do without solving invention problems.
It is a tradition to install a Christmas tree in the center of every town and city and to decorate it in all possible ways. Toys, garlands, petards, presents, chocolates, and surely Santa Claus. The toys move, entire scenes are acted out, lamps twinkle. The inventive thought was occupied by how to better decorate the Christmas tree.
And finally, inventors directed their attention not to the firtree as a background for decoration but to the fir tree itself. In the city of Minsk, they decided to install the highest Christmas tree in Europe. What was to be done?
It is not easy to find a firtree that would be high enough and beautiful enough to decorate the principal square of the country. Besides, it is hard to bring it to the city undamaged, to install and decorate it.
The proposed solution allowed all those problems to be avoided. The great big firtree installed in the center of the square is “prefabricated”. It is composed of 121 small firs attached to a common frame. The result of this painstaking job that realized the Merging principle is impressive: the firtree is 32 meter high.
Photo: www.bi.org.by
Было предложено решение, обходящее все эти проблемы. Высоченная елка на площади сборная. Она составлена из 121 небольших елочек, закрепленных на общем каркасе. Результат этой кропотливой работы, реализующей прием «Объединение» впечатляет: выстота елки 32 метра.


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