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Miniature washing machine

December 16, 2002
We got accustomed to washing machines shaped into reservoirs within which linen is washed. And why not to try the opposite tack?

We are accustomed to washing machines that are vessels within which various operations are performed on linen. However, we can go at this problem in a different way. There is a washing machine, into which we cannot put any linen, because this washing machine is a small device the size of a palm. In this case the washing machine must be put into a vessel with linen.

Photo: www.bionica.ru
“Bionica” (this is the name of the 200 g box) developed by Moscow scientists of the military-industrial complex generates ultrasound. Ultrasound produces multiple bubbles in the washing solution. The bubbles collapse to produce microexplosions. As a result of very small oscillations the fouling looses cohesion with the cloth fibers. The bubbles are so small that they penetrate even to the interior of the fibers and clean them from inside. The washing quality is incomparably higher than that of machines based of the mechanical principle of operation. It seems as if this alone is quite enough. But changing the principle of operation produces a number of supereffects: the miniature size makes it possible to take the washing machine on trips and saves room in an apartment. This washing machine consumes the minimal amount of electric power and treats cloths extremely carefully because it does not crumple the cloth nor does it stretch it. You do not hear nor do you see how the washing occurs, but after putting your linen into a vessel and switching on “Bionica” you will have an ideally clean result of its operation.
There are also some disadvantages. This is not an automatic washing machine where our function is only reduced to putting our linen in and taking it out. This machine does not rinse nor does it drain. But as to washing, “Bionica” is doing famously in this job.
Washing machines that employ ultrasound for washing were known before “Bionica”. But all of them were traditionally made in the form of a water tank with an ultrasound vibrator. “Bionica” is a maximally “trimmed” washing machine, where only the main function and a tool necessary for the performance of this function are left.

Information source: http://www.bionica.ru.


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