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December 13, 2002
Technology for collecting oil from water surface.

An oil film is usually collected from the water surface by the following method: granules with good absorption properties are poured into the water. After they have taken up as much water as possible, they are collected with a special transporter.
The problem is that the collecting process is inefficient because a great number of granules fall into the water again. There exists a good solution to this problem: iron filings are added to granules and then removed by a magnetized transporter. And inventors from Volgograd Zheltobryukhov, Koblov and Efanov proposed an oil-collecting method that eliminates the problem of granules at all (Patent of Russia No. 2148025). Oil is collected not in the form of granules, but as a continuous carpet. The carpet consists of fibrous cellulose material and rubber crumb (apropos the crumb may be produced from used tires an additional ecological advantage).

Many separate granules merge to form a continuous carpet that performs the same function: a polysystem turns into a monosystem at a new level, the previous function being preserved. 

Information source: the magazine “Technics for young people”.

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