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Keyboard for squirrels

January 7, 2005
Forehanded people squirrels use various places to tuck useful things.

Forehanded people squirrels use various places to tuck useful things special pockets and covers, compartments in their hats and belts, and, finally a special “pocket” in heelpieces. It seems as if it is impossible to invent anything else! But specialists of the Japanese company Owltech take a different view. They changed an ordinary computer keyboard into a kind of pen-case or organizer where one can put several compact disks, pens, pencils and the like.
It is little wonder that this invention appeared in Japan because the shortage of space is an urgent problem there. And this invention really provides a lot of additional space! To make the keyboard even more universal, why not to think about a kind of cosmetics bag for ladies and a mirror on the back side of the keyboard? 


Info and image: www.3dnews.ru.

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