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Symphony of color from the past

December 24, 2004
There is a beautiful white-stone church in one of the squares of Poitiers, France.

There is a beautiful white-stone church in one of the squares of Poitiers, France. It is the famous Notre-Dame-la-Grande, one of the oldest cathedrals of France. This Romanesque church was built in the 12th century. Many centuries ago, the white-walled building decorated with rich carving looked even more magnificent. Its arches, turrets and sculptures were painted blue, red, yellow and other colors. The remarkable harmony of light imparted a really unearthly beauty to the church. Notre-Dame-la-Grande was the center and pride of the town.
Centuries went by. Wall-paintings within the cathedral withstood the ravages of time, but rains and winds effaced all the paint from the external side of the walls.
Researchers have managed to determine how the church looked after its construction had been finished. What is to be done? Should it be restored to its former grandeur? But the town has changed enormously and everything houses, streets and people have also changed. A bright, many-colored church will not wed with the landscape. In addition the townsfolk have got used to the present appearance of the building.
How was the contradiction resolved?

On grand occasions, power laser projectors mounted in the windows of the house situated opposite the church project color slides on its face. A miracle occurs the superb cathedral seems to appear from the past.


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