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Eyeglasses for sushi

December 6, 2004
The sushi ball size is just convenient for taking such a ball with chopsticks, dipping it into soy and putting into the mouth.

A simple and delicious Japanese dish sushi is becoming increasingly popular in the world. This dish consists of rice balls with filling or without it, wrapped in a slice of raw fish or a dried sea-kale leaf. Sushi is superior by taste to everything offered by traditional “fast food” and does much more good to human health.

In Japan, they eat sushi with chopsticks. The sushi ball size is just convenient for taking such a ball with chopsticks, dipping it into soy and putting into the mouth. But what is to be done if there is sushi but there are no chopsticks at hand? It is necessary to use something similar to chopsticks.
The German company IcBerlin has developed eyeglasses having special detachable temples which can be used as chopsticks. The eyeglass frame is made from a light-weight stainless steel. The temples are attached to the frame by means of special locks which allows their separation by one motion of the hand without requiring any tools. The developers also took care of those who cannot eat with chopsticks. The temples of the eyeglasses can also be transformed into a fork (one, however, can use special training chopsticks which are popular in China for teaching children to eat with chopsticks).
The “sushi-eyeglass” has become the hit of the season in Japan. Universal devices designed to improve eyesight and to eat sushi cost 230 dollars and find a quick sale all over the world. Hundreds of unique frames are sold every day.
Photo: www.mignews.com
However, these eyeglasses have a serious disadvantage. When the temples are being used as chopsticks, the eyeglasses cannot be returned to their legitimate place. This may cause a certain inconvenience. Probably, the inventors will have to resort to the experience of wearing a pince-nez which was so popular at the beginning of the last century and which was attached to the nose by means of a special clamp and had no temples at all. 


More details: mignews.com.


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