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“Seamless” display

January 19, 2004
A successful test will mean great possibilities for creating displays of unlimited size.

It is impossible to increase the size of the liquid-crystal display to infinity because there exist some technological limitations. However, the consumer properties require that the display be increased in size. How can this contradiction be solved?
It is possible to us multiplication to form a huge display from several modules displays of an ordinary size. Here, however, there occurs a serious problem of matching the images on neighboring screens. The Director of the American US Display Consortium Dr. Norman Bardsley declared that solving the problem of a seam between liquid-crystal modules without picture distortion has become the 'holy grail' for developers in the world. So far, practically nobody has managed to solve this problem.

Images: Mary Soroka.

Seamless Display Ltd. has been awarded a special Study Award of 45,000 pounds from the UK Government for the development of a liquid-crystal display composed of several screens, which would be capable of projecting a continuous image without introduction of distortions. The image matching technology has been developed at the Department of Engineering Science of the University of Oxford. The image will be matched along both horizontal and vertical screen borders. The technology consists in that a portion of video information near the screen border is digitally compressed to be then spread over the inactive borders between adjacent screens. A control system monitors the image and matches it with the image on the adjacent module. In October 2002, Dr. Bernard Stark unveiled three LCD screens in a horizontal array.
The company is planning to continue work on the new technology by creating a prototype composed of four liquid-crystal panels. A successful test will mean great possibilities for creating displays of unlimited size.


Source: www.news.proext.com. 


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