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Magic mirror

January 7, 2004
You can watch TV news while shaving or brushing your teeth.

According to the IFR conception, an ideal TV set is a TV set that is absent while its function is performed. A TV set approximating this ideal could be something absolutely flat and not occupying useful space like, for instance, a mirror hanging on a wall. The degree of ideality of a TV set may be increased still more by transferring its functions to another object or, on the contrary, by “loading” a TV set with additional functions.
The Philips specialists decided to combine an ordinary mirror with a liquid-crystal display. The new development was named Mirror TV. Its main idea consists in that the liquid-crystal panel is positioned behind the mirror surface.The part of the mirror in front of the display is coated with a special film. 
Under normal conditions, it reflects well the light incident from outside and you can admire yourself in the mirror. When the TV set is switched on, the film transmits excellently the light emitted by the TV set and a user sees a distinct TV picture.
As a result, you can watch TV news while shaving or brushing your teeth. In addition, the mirror display may perform the function of a large monitor for a notebook.

Source: www.philips.com.

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