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Automotive toys

December 8, 2003
A real large car styled as a toy car.

There are two main styles in toy car design. According to the first style, a toy car must maximally resemble a real car, imitating its proportions and parts. As a result, numerous models-copies appear which are interesting even to adults.
The second style does not imply real proportions and does not tend to precise imitation. In this case, designers aim to make a toy maximally expressive, amusing and attractive.
An original idea to style a real large car as a toy car occurred to the designers of the Japanese company Takara. The company produces toy cars of Choro-Q series. These pretty plastic cars are dear to the taste of children. They decided at the company that adults are just as good and built a one-man electric Q-Car by copying the design of their toys. The electric car can cover 80 km at 50 km/hr. Then it is necessary to charge the battery during 8 hours.

Another similar construction was proposed by the Ford designers. When looking at the concept car Ford MA, a two-seater pleasure car, a combination of a car, kart and motor cycle, an association with a toy car occurs. The car body is made of aluminum sections, light carbon plastic panels and… bamboo battens. The construction has no weld joints. All parts are connected with the aid of 364 titanium screw-bolts. Only several body panels are painted, the rest of the elements have “a natural color”.

The pleasure to own such a car is not limited by driving. The car is provided with a set of 500 parts and units which can be used to assemble a great variety of car versions on the same chassis. 

Sources: www.toster.ru, www.conceptcar.ee.


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