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Lightning in your hand

September 1, 2003
Lately a new type of non-deadly weapon has been spreading tazers.

Lately a new type of non-deadly weapon has been spreading tazers. Their principle of action is as follows. A pair of spears-electrodes, connected with a tazer by means of thin wires, are shot at an attacker. The wires transmit a high-voltage electric pulse of 50 thousand volts and disable the attacker for a short while. Tazers can be applied from the maximum distance of 7 meters and are much more effective than ordinary electric shockers. The disadvantage is the presence of wires and possibility to fire only one shot.
It is quite natural that inventors direct their efforts at eliminating the wires. They achieved their purpose by passing along the “Segmentation” chain and replacing the wires with a molecular substance.

At the all-European symposium on the problems of non-deadly weapon that has recently took place in Germany an unusual weapon plasma tazer was demonstrated. The new weapon developed by the company Rheinmetall makes wires and spears unnecessary. It uses a current-carrying aerosol instead. An electric pulse is transmitted by an aerosol jet directed at an attacker.
According to the New Scientist reporters who saw the video recording of the tests, a shot from a plasma tazer looks very spectacular and reminds of a sci-fi film shot. First you see a dark gas jet aimed at a man-size target and a second later the target is struck by an electric discharge lightening.


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