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Mono-bi-poly pattern
January 19, 2004
A successful test will mean great possibilities for creating displays of unlimited size.
July 23, 2003
How many vehicles does a man need to be completely satisfied?
June 13, 2003
The Chinese Ambassador was a skilful draftsman. Once he started boasting to Highly Educated Kujing... (Vietnamese tale)
June 9, 2003
Versions of the aircraft propulsive device ranged according to a certain evolution trend.
February 7, 2003
Is it possible to circumvent Coanda effect?
January 17, 2003
Two inventive solutions for umbrellas presented at the International Exhibition in Seoul.
January 6, 2003
Mattress with a dual characteristic.
December 13, 2002
Technology for collecting oil from water surface.
August 26, 2002
We change cars every day to the view of amazed neighbors.
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