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Modular segmentation

July 14, 2003
One eccentric ate bicycle.

One eccentric ate bicycle.
He cut rubber components with small scissors, powdered metal components with a file, then put them into his mouth and rinsed it down with something very much like luboil. Segmentation is a strong principle, but one should know how to use it…

Take, for instance, a bicycle composed of a great number of twin elements. It can be quickly segmented, disassembled and its components may be used for building an Eiffel tower. This is a well-known Lego erector set.
The appearance of such an erector set became possible only because the “bicycle” was segmented not without method but in accordance with a certain technology. First, their constituent elementary geometrical figures were singled out. Then the shape of each module-cube was calculated for solving the following contradiction: there must be as few elements of different shapes as possible while they must allow constructing any number of various objects. It was exactly at that point that huge bright boxes with multi-color modules appeared on the market. One can construct anything from them. The shape of the modules is being perfected, their number is being optimized, and they often become dynamic, flexible, and adjustable to different sizes and curvature radii.
It is interesting that the modern technology of building the most miniature elements of electronic circuits (nanotechnology) copies almost fully the modular construction with atoms used as modules for composing various intricate structures.


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