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Mobile phone-watch

June 25, 2003
Miniaturization is not always good.

Microelectronic elements are becoming smaller and smaller. It is high time to create miniature electron devices. The older generation, perhaps, remembers the boom around the first miniature calculators built in a watchband or a watch. The boom rapidly came to nothing because users had a lot of problems with minicalculators and learned by experience that a hand-glass, match and toothpick were not unnecessary things while using them.
It seems that the developers have born in mind that experience while designing Wristomo a portable phone shaped into a watch. At the first glance Wristomo is an ordinary waterproof watch, a bit exotic, though. The salt of the design consists in the use of the dynamization principle. You can open the watchband and fix it in such a position that a normal-size handset is produced.  

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