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May 26, 2003
Sellers resort to different subterfuges in order to make people to buy their goods.

Sellers resort to different subterfuges in order to make people to buy their goods.
Take as an instance an ordinary candy.

In Korea, every large shop has a beautiful box with transparent walls. There is a lot of different mechanisms, blade wheels, wire spirals, Archimedian spirals inside. Throwing a coin into the box slot sets all these things in motion, they grip a ball-like candy and start playing with it. They drop it, pick it up, throw it up and ping-pong it, moving it closer and closer to the tray from which one can take the candy. We need hardly mention that there are always crowds of children near the boxes and the candies go off like hot cakes.
But much more attractive is a slot-machine for selling chocolates that is installed on the amusement island of LotteWorld in Seoul. An amiable life-size donkey is installed on a one meter high foundation. It looks very natural. After getting 500 wons, the donkey starts moving, bobbing its head and turning its gaze from one person to another. Then it humps up his back, raises its tail and… a chocolate medal flies to a happy buyer! 


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