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Universal dummy

April 2, 2003
People are different in height and body-build, but everyone wants clothing to be a good fit.

It is impossible to make good clothing by guess-work. That is why in the absence of a client tailors use dummies copies of a human figure.
A lot of dummies are needed.
The thing is that people differ in height and body-build, so it is very important to choose a dummy that would be maximally close to the client's figure. For this purpose, every self-respecting fashion house has an entire set of dummies of different height and “keep”. The more dummies of different sizes, the more precise is the choice of a dummy for a given client. But a good dummy is expensive. What is to be done?
This contradiction is easy to resolve: an inflatable dummy.
Really, using an airtight shell with air inside makes it possible to easily change the size depending on the client's height and fullness. Instead of a large number of rigid dummies, it is possible to do with a few dynamic, inflatable ones.
An excellent solution, isn't it? But there is still the want of finish! When inflating, a dummy increases in size uniformly and a small human figure turns into a similar big one. This, however, does not always suits the tailor because with such a dummy, it is not always easy to take into account the peculiar features of the client's body-build. In this case, fragmentation may be used: the internal space of the shell could be divided into a number of sections so that each of them could be inflated in turn. Coordinating the dummy's shape with that of the client's figure becomes much simpler.

Images: Mary Soroka.


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