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January 3, 2005
The parameters of a technical system may be coordinated with different outward conditions in different ways...

The parameters of a technical system may be coordinated with different outward conditions in different ways. You may constantly change these parameters thereby adapting them to new requirements or another way may be chosen. You may just wait until the outward conditions change and their requirements will become less urgent.

Numerous stories about scientists stress one of their common features they are usually neglectful of their clothes. It is not strange because the brain of a scientist is occupied with much more serious problems than the compliance of his jacket's cut to the latest fashion.
When Einstein and his wife moved to another town, the wife insisted on his wearing more decent clothes.
'Why? Nobody here knows me', said the great physicist who did not wish to change his habits.
Some time passed and the answer to the same request changed to 'Why? Everyone here knows me!'

It is interesting, that common people as well as learned scholars are disposed to rely on a lucky chance and wait until the conditions change.

Here is a conversation of two Belarusian villagers.
– When don't you repair the roof, there is a leak!
– But it is raining! How can I get up on to the roof!
The two villagers met on the following day:
– It isn't raining! Are you going to repair the roof?
– But it isn't leaking!


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