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What is it better to ask the mighty for?

December 26, 2003
They say once Stalin invited four known Soviet cinema producers and said...

Stalin, the most potent ruler of the Soviet Union, understood very well the role of propaganda for governing people. He read almost all the books published in the country, went deeply into the problems of creating new films and did not neglect meetings with known cultural workers.
They say once Stalin invited four known Soviet cinema producers and said,
'Comrades, what do you need for successful work? Tell me, don't hesitate! We'll try to help you!'
Romm explained that he and his sick wife only had one room to live in.
'You will have a new flat,' said Stalin.
Pudovkin explained that it would be much more convenient for him to work in the country.
'You will get a cottage!' said Stalin.
Pyriev said that it was not easy for him to get to his country cottage.
'You will have a car,' answered Stalin.
Aleksandrov looked confused. The favor he wanted to ask for was too great!
'Tell me, don't hesitate!'
'Comrade Stalin, I would like to get your book “Problems of Leninism” with your autograph.'
'You will have my book!'
A flat, a car and a cottage were given to Aleksandrov as an attachment to the book.

Source: www.mandat.ru.
Picture by Alexandre Zinoviev:


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