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Motor boat-fisher

August 21, 2002
The fisherman's dream of a mobile fish-tackle.

When fishing with an angle, a contradiction occurs: the fishing rod must be long because a fisherman wants to peg as far in the river as possible and the fishing rod must be short so that it is convenient to handle. One of the methods of resolving this contradiction is a spinning reel a fishing tackle in which fishing line is reeled. One can skillfully cast a spoonbait to a necessary place and then attract fish by drawing the bait back.
But every fisherman dreams of a fishing tackle capable of moving in the river in any direction and crossing again and again places alive with fish. No doubt, the efficiency of such a tackle will be higher. This idea can be realized by using a radio-controlled motor boat model and attaching a line with a bait to it. Such a motor boat can move the bait with any desirable speed in any place of a reservoir and to tow a fish to the bank. But a big fish the dream of every fisherman can easily sink both the motor boat and the fishing tackles. That is why such a tower is made large enough and is equipped with a powerful and noisy engine. The noisy engine frightens fish away.
What is to do? 
Two inventors proposed the following way out to divide the load and to bring only a light fishing line to a fisherman, not trying to draw out a fish itself. A reel with a handle is attached to the motor boat (a kind of a short spinning). After a big fish has started biting, the spring-loaded end of the fishing rod is released and the fish is stricken. At the fisherman's command, the motor boat turns and rushes to the bank, the fishing rod being unreeled. The fisherman has only to take the reel and to draw the fish out.


Information source: the magazine “Technics for young people”.

Photo from: the magazine “Technics for young people”.


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