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What sticks to hands

August 22, 2003
Suvorov's army became famous for its legendary crossing of the Alps...

Suvorov's army became famous for its legendary crossing of the Alps.
Soldiers carried horses, cannons and charges in their hands or pulled them with ropes across the tops of the mountains. Suvorov himself demonstrated endurance and valor. The hardest crossing was over when it turned out that the provision of the troops was no good. The baggage trains remained far behind and those which had managed to cross the mountains became much thinner.
The troops were grumbling. Their commanders came to Suvorov and presented their just demands. They new the harsh nature of their captain and expected an outburst of indignation. But instead of that Suvorov ordered his soldiers to line up and to pass a cold Alpine snowball from hand to hand. The snowball covered the path rapidly and approached the end of the chain. But what did the last soldier get? The snow ball became small and slushy.
The people guilty of food shortage were punished severely and the intricate system of supplying the army with provision was essentially simplified, optimized. The thievish quartermasters remembered for a long time the example by which Suvorov explained the causes of food shortage.


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