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How is a piston doing in a cylinder?

August 15, 2003
First internal combustion engines were bulky and had heavy parts...

First internal combustion engines were bulky and had heavy parts. Almost all the parts were made of cast iron and steel. But technology evolution, and first of all aviation evolution demanded that the weight of the engine parts be reduced.
The American inventor Charles Kettering designed a light engine in which steel pistons were replaced with aluminum ones. One member of the commission that was examining the design thought that the inventor was joking. He did not doubt that aluminum would not endure the load.
“Are you sure?” Kettering asked.
“Absolutely, I worked as an engineer before now!”
“I believe, but I don't think you worked as an engine cylinder...”
Really, the opinion of a cylinder that has already worked in an engine would be the most competent in this case.

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