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Housewife's dream

August 27, 2002
James Dyson imitates hand wash in the drum of a washing machine.

The washing machine is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It freed a lot of time which now can be spent on interesting things. Time and again, new ideas of washing machines appear which allow better and more delicate washing. Another trend is creating more and more effective washing powders. But no tricks, even air bubbles could cope with the simplest task imitation of hand wash for washing longstanding and stable fouling. The solution turned out to be very simple.

Image: www.dyson.co.uk

The English inventor James Dyson and his company Dyson Appliances created a washing machine, the appearance of which does not differ cardinally from that of conventional washing machines. As well as the inside…
The only but basic difference is that the washing machine drum is separated into two parts. The parts rotate in opposite directions. The machine does not shake the cloth but wrinkles it imitating the hand motion on a washboard. As a result, linen is washed much better and twice as fast.
The washing machine is called Contrarotator.

The solution was produced by combining two inventive principles “Segmentation” and “Dynamic parts”.
By the way, before finding this pure and beautiful solution, the company's specialists had tried a lot of high-tech methods of cleaning microwaves, ultrasound, electromagnetic field.

Information source: http://www.dyson.co.uk. 


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