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Tires and paths

September 4, 2002
One of the methods of utilizing used tires.

Utilization of used tires is a serious problem for all countries. Mont Blancs and Everests of tires waiting for new ideas of their utilization make a depressing spectacle. Tires are burnt (causing atmosphere pollution), crushed for being added to pavement, used as road fencing, artificial reefs or slope protection against erosion.

In Korea, they realized another sound, though modest idea. Tires are used to pave paths in wild parks or civilized woods. That is, in those places, where asphalt or paving tiles would break your unity with nature, but where you still prefer convenience to mud or dust, depending on the season.
They, certainly, do not use a whole tire, or else walking along such a path would be an obstacle race. Tires are cut (segmentation) into 3-cm wide bands and a sort of a net is produced by stringing the bands on wire (merging).
Rugs of any length are produced. They can be bent in any direction. The rugs may be used to pave paths full of turns and twists. In addition, they yield pleasantly under one's feet. It is not a bad idea to pave wood paths. But it is desirable to have an inexpensive, or, even better, a free waste product. On the other hand, ecologically safe utilization of tires is a rather expensive process, so it is better to recycle them or their parts with a minimal cost.


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