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Dyson's Barrow

September 6, 2002
One of the first inventions by the English designer James Dyson.

What can be improved in an ordinary garden single-wheel barrow? We can make it two-wheeled, but in that case the barrow will loose maneuverability, though will become more stable. But how can we preserve and improve its useful property preserving at the same time its basic principle “single-wheelness”?

Photo: www.dyson.co.uk
In 1974, James Dyson, who was a young English designer at that time, patented a barrow in which he replaced an ordinary wheel with a big plastic ball. That invention was called Ballbarrow.
What advantages did it offer? The maneuverability of the barrow increased rapidly, the stability improved even more, but the main advantage consisted in that the flexible ball did not leave a trace on the nursed English lawns. And Dyson got a financial possibility to improve lots of useful habitual things.
Dyson used the inventive principle that was given the name of “Curvature increase”.

Information source: http://www.dyson.co.uk.   

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