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Seminar of TRIZ practitioners (TRIZ Colloquium #1)

October 17, 2011
On 24 September 2011, there was held a workshop of TRIZ professionals working in the South Korea. The workshop format was “a professional for a professional”; the number of participants was 11.

The key-note address by Nikolay Shpakovsky was dedicated to the Target Invention methods.

The condensed version of the key-note address:
• Grounding the necessity of creating and formulating the conditions for a successful use of the Algorithm of Improving Problem Situations (AIPS).
• The main AIPS peculiarities:

o Identifying of key reference points on the way towards the result under a relative freedom of choice of "trajectories”,
o Tools for advancing between these reference points,
o Fractal structure of the algorithm,
o Preparatory, interactive way of obtaining solutions by using a number of sequentially specified models,
o Using a block of synthesizing a final solution from partial solutions
o Enhanced use of evolution patterns, especially for filling in a field of partial solutions.

• Further prospects for improving and directing the method development.

For more details about the matter of discussion, visit the site:


The reporter answered the questions of the audience. Demonstration of the fragments of the software based on the Target Invention method caused an animated discussion.

Organizational issues, in particular, the enhancement of the following workshop format were also discussed.

The workshop ended with a dinner in a seafront restaurant and a walk in a park.

Photo: Gennady Kizevich

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