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Original shower

March 26, 2003
Car wash in your bathroom.

Every morning is exceptional. Especially if you do not need to jump out of bed. And suppose you do? Let us dream what could help us to quickly become more active after sleep. What about a tonic massage? Or massage, shower and peeling three in one? Is it impossible?

It is already possible. When one of my friends saw THIS he said, “This is a brush used at car washes to wash my car, but I am not a car”. And then he laughed for a long time and was surprised by the inventiveness of “those crazy designers”. Nevertheless he bought this device that is officially called “system for cleaning, massage and peeling SYLBAD for shower stalls.”
A flexible hose is attached to the brush (the motor is also there). As a result water is supplied to the entire system. Extremely soft bristles provide tender massage and peeling.
As a result, all are happy:
1. Children who don't like any kinds of “water treatment”. A wonderful amusement is guaranteed to them.
2. Seniors and disabled people. This brush will secure them against dangers while taking a bath.
3. Sportsmen. They will have a massage that restores tonicity and improves blood circulation.
4. Lazy people. To wash themselves properly and to become energetic, they will not need to take any active measures. It is enough for them to revolve round their axis giving different body parts to the brush.
It is quite possible that the “brush for shower” will soon become as indispensable means of hygiene as a toothbrush. Although is but a dynamized washcloth.


Source and photo: www.sylbad.com


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