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Inventive pipe-line

February 19, 2003
Two ideas of improving pipe-line elements.

The bend of a water pipe-line. It seems as if it is impossible to invent something new here! But it is just here, in the bend, that different troubles and, consequently, problems to be solved by inventors occur! In a pipe bend, a water flow abruptly changes its direction and slows down. This results in the increased attrition of the pipe by hard particles, cavitation wear, choking and frosting-up.
This danger does not threaten the pipe-line bend demonstrated at the invention exhibition in Seoul. It is thermally insulated with porous plastic and is insensitive to below-zero temperatures. But the most peculiar feature is that the bend's surface is lined with elastic plastic that forms a large number of elastic cushions. When the water is moving, the dynamized surface yields, actively counteracts attrition and prevents the bend choking.
We need hardly say that special pipes are inserted in such a bend. Each pipe has helical protrusions on the walls.
While moving in such a pipe, a water flow whirls and its motion becomes normalized. In addition, centrifugal force throws water to the pipe walls. The area of reduced pressure that causes cavitation bubbles turns out to be closer to the pipe's axis and farther away from the walls.
The additional effect: a dynamized and structurized water flow formed by the protrusions is not decelerated so strongly in the pipe-line.

Informational source: www.jinanpvc.co.kr.


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