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Mobile pad

January 3, 2003
If you spend much time in front of a computer, you are certain to be concerned about ergonomics problems.

If you spend much time in front of a computer, you are certain to be concerned about ergonomics problems. While working, the main load is experienced by a hand that controls the mouse all through the day. To decrease the hand fatigue, developed were special pads with a wrist supporter. The supporter is filled with gel and is easily deformed providing for the wrist rest.
The authors of this site have purchased such pads. But we do not use them and still work in a traditional way. Why?
While using a flat pad, the arm rests on the table somewhere closer to the elbow and the forearm and wrist muscles take part in moving the mouse. With the modified pad, the supporter slows down the wrist and only the hand is free to move. The hand (and the wrist) is stressed all the time.
What kind of supporting cushion would satisfy you? A movable one that easily follows your hand on the table. For instance, a gel cushion with rollers or movable balls. But where can we get such a cushion?
Some time later we managed to find something of the kind in an electronics shop.
The pad ErgoDesign has a “dynamized” cushion that consists of three foam plastic rollers (as is mentioned in the description). The rollers rotate freely under the wrist.  


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