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Emotional Toyota

May 16, 2005
The car can slit its “eyes” headlights maliciously; its cowling can change color to red, becoming “livid with rage”.

When driving a car, it often happens that a driver wants to comment, to react to the behavior of other drivers.

Toyota specialists believe that swearing, signaling and sawing the air are unbecoming of drivers. And the company received a US patent for a car which gives its owner other methods of self-expression.

The body of this car is dynamized to the utmost. The cowling made of flexible material can reshape itself, thereby allowing the car to express its attitude to other participants of the traffic.

photo: BBC Russian
The car can slit its “eyes” headlights maliciously; its cowling can change color to red, becoming “livid with rage”. If the car is “very angry”, its antenna starts swinging to and fro as a cat's or tiger's tail. On the other hand, the car can “smile” in acknowledgment of correct deportment and friendliness on the road. The driver will control the car's emotions through an on-board computer.

The application of the patent states that the new car will create a “cheerful and natural atmosphere” in the streets and will help a driver live in perfect harmony with his car. The authors have a case here, but it would be better to introduce this novelty gradually so that other drivers have time to become accustomed to it. Otherwise a driver can loose control of his car seeing an on-coming car winking cheerfully at him all of a sudden.


Sent by Georgiy Severinets
Info and image:
BBC Russian.


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