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Stretch jogging shoes

May 9, 2005
Parents often encounter the following problem shoes bought for a child become too small for him or her in a month or so.

photo: Mignews.com
Parents often encounter the following problem shoes bought for a child become too small for him or her in a month or so. It is necessary either to buy new shoes or to buy too big shoes.
Why cannot jogging shoes grow together with a child? This is how the specialists of the German company K2 formulated the problem. As a result, they have developed “stretch” jogging shoes, special shoes which grow together with the child's foot.
The thing is that the dynamization principle was used in the development of the jogging shoes called “Max-Worm”. The middle portion of the jogging shoes is made goffered and can stretch like an accordion. The goffers are held in a certain position by means of a special retainer. The size of the dynamized shoes is very easy to change. It is enough to press the button on the heelpiece, to release the goffers and to stretch the shoes according to the foot size. Releasing the button fixes the goffers in a new position.
It is a serious achievement that the company succeeded in developing very convenient shoes satisfying all orthopedic requirements.  


Sent by Georgiy Severinets.
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