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Toyota “mercury drop”

April 11, 2005
What are basic requirements for a city car? First, small size, and second, manoeuvrability.

What are basic requirements for a city car? First, small size, and second, manoeuvrability.
The small car Toyota PM concept ideally meets these requirements. It is a conceptual embodiment of city transport of the future. A futuristic transparent capsule mounted on wheels is a dream for a town dweller. A driver who is also a passenger feels conveniently inside the car and drives it by means of a device which is similar to a computer joystick. He has all necessary equipment including a navigation device and mobile phone at his disposal. The car has unique technological features. For example, it is equipped with original wheels having no hubs. The wheels are rotated by their own motors.
But the main peculiarity of this car is that its construction is dynamized.

At a driver's will, the cabin may be positioned conveniently. When it is raised at maximum, it is convenient to get into the car or out of it. With the cabin lowered to the downmost position, you can drive along a speedway.
The car has excellent controllability because both front and rear wheels may turn. By turning the front and the rear wheels to opposite sides, the car can make a U-turn on the same place. 


 Photos: www.juergenspecht.com.  


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